Saturday, August 12, 2006

We took the plunge....

My brother and I made an executive decision to get someone to clean the house for Mom. She had someone for over 50 years.....the same person...., but, that person is now in a nursing home and Mom is just not able to keep up with a moderately big house (not by today's standards, but in its time). I tried doing it for her, but she gets in the kitchen and starts cooking when I am there and that just doesn't work well with cleaning. My dad is very generous with his money with his children, but not so much with anything else, so we anticipate some resistance from him. He doesn't think the house is dirty because he can't see well and he certainly makes no attempt to keep anything clean. He will take out the garbage and change the garbage bags, but that's about the extent of his cleaning. Mom wasn't even real receptive to the idea, but I think that's just because she doesn't want to deal with Dad. Now she thinks she has to clean things up better before the lady comes on Wednesday. I told her I would come help her do that. No one ever uses the dining room and the living room, so it gets dirty from lack of use. The hardwood floors need a good cleaning so I'm hoping this lady will do that. The only place the hardwood isn't covered up is the living room and dining room and they have become very dingy. We'll see how far our executive decision gets!!!We could get vetoed and not be as powerful as we think!

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