Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Staying in the Will!

I went down to Mom and Dad's this morning to see how they were doing. Their washing machine broke (after 35 years), so I took them to buy a new one. It will be delivered tomorrow, but the area where the old machine sat was a mess. The linoleum tile was brittle, broken, and black. My brother and I got the old machine out, then I chiseled up all the old tile, cleaned it all up and laid some new tile (left over from Mom's kitchen). Who Knew!!! I guess that's one job I had never done. Now I have, but it is not an occupation I wish to pursue. I told my brother to take Dad fishing so he would be out of my way while I was doing this massive cleanup. If Dad had been there, he would have been all in my way and telling me how to do it. I did it and left before they got back!!! Hope they caught some fish!!!

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Moobear said...

LOL, you had a day well spent and it sounds like you got your monies worth. Good blog!
God Bless!