Monday, August 14, 2006

A Non-stop day!

I was at my mom's by 9 A.M. to help her get rid of stuff that she wants gone before the cleaning lady comes Wednesday. When I got there, she told me she tried to catch me before I left to tell me she had an appointment with her orthopedist at 1:45. In the meantime, Dad decided he needed to go to my house and get the lawn mower blade off and sharpen it. Of course, I had to drive him there and back. Nevermind that I was there to help Mom and Nevermind that I need to mow my yard tonight and now I have no blade on the mower. Anyway, after taking him home, I came back to my house to change clothes and went back to get Mom and take her to the doctor. Turns out she didn't break anything, but bruised her knee inside very badly. That was good news because the doc was afraid she could have broken her kneecap and she is in no condition to have to deal with that. I just got home a few minutes ago and got all the sprinklers going because this is my day to water (water restrictions). My brother and Dad went fishing while I took Mom to the doctor and my brother gave me the fish they caught already cleaned and ready to cook. I'll be all over that in a few minutes. Hot fried white perch.....nothing better. Wednesday my dad has an appointment with his pulmonary doc. My brother said he will take him to that appointment. I'm grateful for that!!


Janis said...

OK, so you just made me exhausted reading that blog! What a day you had!! You also need to watch out for yourself from time to time, and take it easy. I worry about you!

Sandy said...

Whew...I just made myself tired re-reading it after your comment! I must be Super Woman!!!!NOT!!