Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm Baaack!

Got home at about 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Spent Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, AL, so the drive home was easy. Had a great time in South Carolina with my little adopted family. The kids are just so much fun and had changed so much in the year since I last saw them.

The grass was so high when I got home that I got out just before dark and mowed the back and side yards. My neighbor kept it well watered, so it was thick and green. Today I have to go see about my Mom, who managed to do a face plant in the yard last Monday when both my brother and myself were out of town. She spent 20 minutes on the ground before Dad came looking for her. It was 8 P.M. and I am so grateful that he was not already in bed in his room in the far other end of the house. He had to call a friend to come get Mom up because he is just too frail to pick her up.


Moobear said...

Welcome home, missed your blog, but glad you had the chance to get away. So nice to have friends especially with little ones. Children are precious ones and so down to earth. Looking forward to reading more here. Just wanted to welcome you home.
God Bless!

Sandy said...

Thank you very much. I should have continued to blog while I was visiting them, but I was just having fun with the kids.