Monday, July 03, 2006

It's in the genes, I guess!

My mom called at 8 this morning and told me she was taking my dad to his doctor because he cannot breathe. He tried to set out a couple of tomato plants and he could not do it. I met them at the doctor's office and the doctor wanted to put Dad in the hospital to determine the cause of his extreme shortness of breath. Dad would not go! He gave some lame excuse about wanting to eat fish at my brother's tonight. This doesn't make sense because he is never excited about eating any kind of food. He and my brother have been catching lots of fish lately and Stewart is cooking some of them at the lake house tonight. Tomorrow is Dad's family reunion, which he always looks forward to, unlike the rest of us!!!!:) Doc did an EKG, but he needs more tests to determine if it is his heart or his lungs. We have an appointment with the lung doctor on July 19th, but the doctor took me in his office and told me he was not OK with Dad not going to the hospital right now. I told him, "Now you know what we deal with on a daily basis!" I also told him we would NOT hold him responsible for whatever happened to Dad!! We have orders to get him to the ER if he does not feel better after using a breathing machine that he sent home with Dad. I sure hope I didn't inherit his hard headedness!!!

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