Saturday, July 08, 2006

Full recovery?

I took all my dad's prescriptions that he came from the hospital with to him today. He was in the garden planting cucumbers for me because I love them so much. I already ate all the first ones we planted. I assumed he was much better since he was doing that. He is getting breathing treatments at home. This afternoon he and my brother went fishing and caught 44 white perch in 2 hours, so now he is healed!!! I knew fish were good for us, but I didn't know catching them was good for us!!!

On another subject, my brother and I are set up with signature cards so we can sign our parents' checks. I got one of their checkbooks so I can get stuff for them at Wal-Mart, which is near my home. Here is what troubles me.....I didn't even have to sign the check. They sent it through a machine and it is automatically electronically deducted. They ask for no ID. What if someone else gets one of their checks? They keep a lot of money in this checking account. Now I am scared to have their checks with me!!! How can this be safe? I don't get it. Technology has passed me way up and left me eating dust!!!

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