Thursday, July 13, 2006

From the depths of slothdom...

The last two days have been brutal. Right now at 8:30 P.M. it is 95 degrees. It just makes me not want to do anything, but vegetate in the recliner. Finally, late today I emerged into the heat and went to donate blood. I was turned down immediately after giving them my SSN. I'm sure the info is still there from 15 years ago when I last attempted to give blood and was denied because some hepatitis antibodies showed up. I had my doctor re-check and it came back negative, but that never got into the Blood Center's computers. They said I could call the blood center and find out why, but I declined. I just won't even attempt any more unless someone I know needs blood donated.

As I was nearly comatose in my recliner this morning, I saw a mouse come up on my patio. I sprang from that chair and armed myself with the broom and went to take on the mouse. He fled rapidly when I opened the door. I am afraid that mice could be a problem in the winter because there is a field behind my back fence. I keep it mowed behind my fence, but my neighbor doesn't, so I am sure they live in the tall weeds. I just don't like varmits of any kind that can move faster than me....and, duh,....that's all of them at this point in my life!!!

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