Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yet another highly emotional day...

My brother was a pall bearer so I had charge of taking care of Mom and Dad during the funeral. The funeral was here in my town because they needed a bigger church than Mary Nell's own church, so my brother brought my parents to the church and I met them there. This was so hard for my dad because Mary Nell called him her other daddy after her own father died. I had to hold on to Mom every step, even though she had her cane, because she is just so unstable. I also had to go to the church an hour early so I could get a parking place close to the church since I had to take Mom and Dad to the cemetery. Mom cannot walk very far. Needless to say this entire day has been focused on the funeral and the gathering with the family after the funeral where refreshments were provided. It has left me physically and emotionally drained.

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