Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A highly emotional day....

The morning started in the kitchen cooking some food to take to my friend's house who lost his sister. Of course, all the food has been going to his brother-in-law's home and rightfully so, but all my friend's children and grandchildren are in and they need food. His wife is just fresh out of the hospital from a hip replacement and she cannot cook for all her kids even though she would like to. I whipped up the always good crawfish cornbread and took it to their house.

Tonight I was at the funeral home for an hour and a half. I have never seen so many people. Every one loved Mary Nell. There were so many people that I have not seen in many, many years that we grew up with.

The autopsy showed a 90% blockage in an artery. This is a death that didn't have to happen if only the doctors would have listened. She told 3 doctors that her chest and arm hurt and none of them sent her to a cardiologist! This is a lady who never ever complained even though she had lots of health issues and could have complained mightily. This is reason enough that the doctors should have paid attention to the symptoms!!!

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