Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Haven't been here in a really long time. Just wondering if I can remember how to even do a blog.

Lots of things have changed and I have been in Minden for 10 years. Thankful that I came when I did and got to take care of Dad first and then Mom before they left this world. Glad they aren't here to see what's happened to their beloved America.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Not sure if anyone still stops by here since I have been missing in action. If so, here's the update:
Our mom passed away on August 29th. We miss her dearly, but we took good care of her and have no regrets.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tough times!

My brother is completely incapacitated right now. His pain is debilitating and there is no position he can find that is without pain. Yesterday, he went for an MRI, but could not lie still for the hour to do it. Our doctor cousin, who set up the MRI for him, had to give him a shot of demerol laced with fenegren for him to be able to even get the MRI. MRI was read today and they saw several issues, but the main one is a bulging disc. They are making arrangements for an injection on Thursday. Not sure how that will help anything other than the pain. He is just miserable. I have had a herniated disc many years ago when they cut a 6 inch opening down the spine. They don't do that anymore, but I'm sure he will be a candidate for whatever they do these days for that issue. He has already had 2 spinal stenosis surgeries, so he thought that would be the problem. It's hard to see him in such pain and Mom just cries when she sees him hurting so badly. He is stubborn and will not let me stay every night with Mom and get her to bed. He just lays back in the recliner and gets up long enough to get her in bed when it is time.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Unexpected vacay!

I took an overnight trip to Lake Charles Friday. Unfortunately, it was to attend a funeral. My cousin's son took his own so sad and tragic. His parents had NO IDEA! I decided to spend a night at L'Abuerge, which is really an awesome property and casino. I did rest, but I also lost a few bucks in the casino. The funeral was at 2, so I had to leave immediately without even changing into comfy clothes to get home in time to take Mom to the bathroom. We hired someone to take my place on Friday, but we didn't have anyone during that time slot on Saturday. Mom really misses me when I am gone, but I do understand the need for me to get away occasionally. Have a full day tomorrow. but I don't mind since the weather is so nice.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Still here!

Exhaustion along with depression has settled in on me this week. As a result, I have not been to the fitness center but once this week and slept all day yesterday and today until I had to leave to go to Mom's. I'm starting to dread going there every day. I never know what I am going to find. I am just TIRED.

 I have 12 sand bags in front of my front door due to the weather gurus predicting massive amounts of rain from Hurricane Isaac. We got 1 inch. Now I have to figure out how to remove the sand bags, which are very heavy. My brother put them there for me, but he has forgotten that they need to be removed. I don't want to remind him because he just has so much to do and he doesn't live in my town.

It is getting very difficult to fix something that Mom can eat or will eat. She almost always spits any meat out because she doesn't chew it up good enough to swallow it. It's disgusting and I am tired of trying to find something she will eat. She may eat it one day and the next day NOT! My brother and I have decided that if she gets hungry enough, she will eat whatever I fix for her. She doesn't like Mexican and she doesn't like cheese which pretty much eliminates any little frozen lunches. The caregiver doesn't cook any more. I don't blame her if Mom won't eat it. Mom won't even chew the peeling on the grapes. She spits that out as well.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Woo Hoo...renewed!

I took Saturday off and went out for some fine dining with my friends. We went to 2John's in Bossier City and it was wonderful. I was downright giddy at the idea of just getting out. The food was unbelievably good. I had Steak Oscar (filet mignon on a bed of the best mashed potatoes I have ever tasted, topped with Louisiana lump crab, hollandaise sauce and a few green beans). Also, had a dirty martini, fried green tomato salad and ended the evening with creme brulee. We had such a good time and it did me a world of good. My brother and sister-in-law took care of Mom and even took her out to eat catfish. I guess I should do that more often because in December and January, my brother will take a few vacations and I will have it by myself.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I've been negligent!

Things are about the same around here. I was in panic mode one night this week when the caregiver scheduled to come in at night had car trouble and said she couldn't come. I have no idea how to change Mom during the night. My brother called the caregiver and told her he would come get her and she agreed to come, but her brother got her car to running before that happened. I guess I should take a CNA course!!! (Certified Nurse Assistant). Crisis averted, but I'm sure it will eventually happen when I have to stay.

Mom has been getting weaker and weaker and has started that old thing of holding food in her mouth and not swallowing. Her mind is also deteriorating. It is my hope that she can go on and join Dad in heaven before it gets much worse, but I know it's not our call. What we think is best may not be what is God's plan.

Yesterday, I went to the funeral of my high school chemistry teacher. I learned so much from her and still remember all those damn symbols, which I have never used except to answer trivia questions. She was one of my inspirations to become a teacher. One of the young men in my class was struggling with his chemistry and she assigned me to help him. He passed and I wanted to become a teacher!!

An aside! I am so glad I no longer have a landline phone! NO POLITICAL BS! Sooo...I'll just add my political BS here!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nice surprise!

I got a call tonight while I was on my way home from Mom's from a dear friend that I had when I lived on the Texas Gulf Coast. We had not spoken in probably a year and had very few emails. She and her husband have sold their home in Texas and moved to the mountains in New Mexico. She was sitting on her porch looking at the beautiful moon tonight and was reminded of a time when we were at their beach house on Crystal Beach. We were supposed to be cleaning the beach house when I told her I was going outside and watch the moon. She decided to kill the vacuum and join me to look at the moon across the water. I have no recollection of this, but she was reminded of me tonight and called to tell me so! Some friends are forever friends. I have promised her that the first time that I am able to get away that I will be coming to New Mexico to see them. Probably won't happen as long as Mom is alive, but it will happen some day. Great way to end the day.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dog Pile!

Our night caregiver that had just come back to work after finding out she was diabetic with an 805 blood sugar is back in the hospital with congestive heart failure. She is only 52! She is now off the ventilater, but it is doubtful that she will ever be back to work. The other night caregiver has not yet returned from her colon surgery, but we have had to advance her some pay so they wouldn't cut off her power at home. She returns to her day job at a nursing home this week, but has no plans to return to us until August. I have to keep telling myself to "Let go and let God!"

AND the deer are eating my flowers! Caladiums are going bye bye.
AND I need a goat! My yard man hasn't been in almost a month!!!
AND the man I called to get him to come spray my bahai grass never returned my call!!!
OH....and I have those damn little black ants in my kitchen that I can't seem to get rid of!

HOLY CRAP! Can I please get a break?????

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Both our night time caregivers are in the hospital now! The second one went Wednesday when she was having all kinds of strange things happening to her. Turns out her blood sugar was 805! OMG! She had no idea that she was a diabetic. She will be back to work next week. In the meantime, our daytime caregiver has found someone to fill in for the other night caregiver, so, if our one that had surgery Friday is ever able to come back, we will have another one that is already trained to fill in when necessary. She cares for a man every day M-F and is coming to Mom's at 10:30. Tough duty, but we told her she can take naps in between checking on Mom. We have two caregivers that have other jobs. Don't know how they do it, but they are much younger than me.

On the bright side, my brother got a new trap and finally caught two coons that were eating our corn! That's a total of 3! Since then, there have been none in the corn! He gave those to someone who wanted them to cook! EWWWW! I'm not eating coon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What next!

We hired another night caregiver today to fill in for the one who had emergency surgery on Friday. The downside is that no one would do it for the $7.25 that we were paying, which means that everyone will be getting a raise. The daytime caregivers do so much more than the night caregivers because they have to fix meals, give baths, wash clothes, etc. The night people only have to change her and turn her every two hours. They can recline and rest  in between those times. Yesterday, I was completely stressed out about it because I worry about what we are going to do when Mom's money runs out. The daytime caregivers have been getting $10 an hour, but I'm sure we will have to raise that to $11 now. I just hope her money doesn't run out before she does!

Time to uncork a new bottle!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sooner rather than later!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Oh, my goodness!

When I got to Mom's yesterday, my brother told me that the caregiver who had been with her all night went straight to the ER from there. She has a hole in the small intestine and had emergency surgery yesterday. They ended up removing half her colon. Haven't heard yet exactly what the problem was. Cancer was a possibility, but I have not been told if that is what it was. That poor woman had been in pain all night and didn't call either me or my brother so she could go on to the ER. I feel bad that she didn't do that. Don't want to go visit her today because I know the second day is the worst, but I did send some flowers from our family.

The coons have found our corn and the deer and found the sweet potatoes. Traps have been set every night for the coons, but only one has been caught. They continue to manage to get the marshmallows out of the trap without tripping it. We have no idea how! The potatoes have been surrounded by reflector tape as of yesterday, which we have been told is a deterrent to deer. Deer also like okra, so it will probably be next!!! It's not producing yet, but it will have some ready by next week if the deer let us have any of it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy CRAP!

I am smack dab in the middle of the book and movie, The Help, in real life! There is definitely a network that tends to undermine the caregivers. My brother, who writes the checks, finally told the main caregiver on Friday that it was not right for her to put down 8 hours every day when she never gets there at 7 and never has. We just overlooked it during school because she has children that she has to get to school. That's fine, but don't put down that you worked 8 hours when you clearly didn't! My brother goes over every morning to check on Mom and he is always there before the caregiver and many times goes ahead and gets Mom out of bed. Well, the caregiver didn't like him reprimanding her (very gently, because we know how defensive she is). She called one of the night caregivers and told her that my brother was checking on her in the middle of the night to make sure she was doing her job. He's hiding out in the woods and watching the house. What a bunch of crap! That caregiver called and got me instead of my brother. She just wanted to know why he was watching her because she does her job and she is even there early every time. I calmed her down and told her that there was not an ounce of truth to that. The day time caregiver is just trying to start mess because she was busted and wants to bring everyone else into the fray! I made her understand that if we had an issue with her, we would approach her directly...not someone else! We love the night caregivers because they do their job and do the 8 hours they are paid for. What a bunch of crap! We have ignored the indiscretions of the daytime caregiver because we know how defensive and sensitive she is and we are afraid she would take it out on our mom, but it adds up significantly when you get paid for 8 hours every day and you have only worked 71/2 every day or less! I guess it just finally got to my brother enough to bring it up. It just pisses me off that she tries to involve the other caregivers. I would like to fire her ass and keep the others, but it is too hard to find a replacement.
The night caregiver that called me told me not to mention it to the caregiver who started this mess or to my brother, so I didn't. My brother would really be mad if he knew what the daytime caregiver was doing and the lies she is telling about him.
My brother is a rock star! Yesterday, he got a 5 gallon bucket of corn ready to cut off the cob and freeze. I cut it all off and heated it, cooled it and packaged it. He watched how I did it. I talked to him a few minutes ago and he had picked, shucked, silked, cut off, heated, cooled and packaged another 5 gallon bucket by himself. Not many men would even begin to do this! He did it at Mom's house so he could be with her as well.